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Please inquire about additional hours, add-ons or customizing a package to better fit your needs.

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To really stand out and have a wild experience for your guests, you can add-on our 8-10ft tall Giant LED Robot with thousands of dancing LED lights changing colors and forming patterns as our expert dances among your crowd and poses for photos. Even 1-2hrs of this would change the entire

experience and set your event apart from all others. 

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BAM! Create an amazing entrance or moment with our 'coolest' upgrade Cold Sparks. Our certified team members will work with your venue to make sure we can use this amazing effect. These are called cold sparks because the do not get hot or burn the surrounding area; these are totally safe and fun! We promise if you set these bad boys off while you enter the room nobody will be able to look away! 

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One of our most requested add-ons is 'Dancing in the Clouds', our clients love this for their first dance. This creates a perfect scene for you to enjoy in the moment, remember forever and get amazing photos to look back. It can also be used for other creative moments as well, this low heavy fog can fill a floor for a halloween party or a disco themed event. 

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There is nothing like dancing in a crowd full of people when BOOM a huge cold cloud of 'CO2 Blast' sweeps over your head and through the crowd right when the beat drops. This add-on creates an amazingly hype experience for high school and college events.Can even be a great effect for a big birthday party or festival.

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Rather its 50, 100, or 1,000 just let us know how many guests you have and we can supply the Light Up Foam Sticks. These glow bright at night and inside darker events with multiple settings for the dancing lights. These also make great give-aways and gifts that would last your guests even longer. 

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A cocktail hour setup could be the perfect thing your wedding needs to either stand out or help with guiding your guest. This will come with a basic sound setup for a playlist or mc.  

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