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(Low Stage 1) 1 Panel = 8ft x 4ft - (Height is 1ft) = $150

(Low Stage 2) 2 Panels = 8ft x 8ft - (Height = 1ft) = $300

(Low Stage 3) 3 Panels = 12ft x 8ft - (Height = 1ft) = $450

(Low Stage 4) 4 Panels = 16ft x 8ft - (Height = 1ft) = $600

(Regular Stage 1) 2 Panels = 8ft x 8ft - (Height = 3ft) = $300

(Regular Stage 2) 3 Panels = 12ft x 8ft - (Height = 3ft) = $450

(Regular Stage 3) 4 Panels = 16ft x 8ft - (Height = 3ft) = $600

(Regular Stage 4) 5 Panels = 20ft x 8ft - (Height = 3ft) = $750

(Regular Stage 5) 6 Panels = 24ft x 8ft - (Height = 3ft) = $900


(Regular Stage 6) 7 Panels = 28ft x 8ft - (Height = 3ft) = $1,050

(Regular Stage 7) 8 Panels = 32ft x 8ft - (Height = 3ft) = $1,200

(Regular Stage 8) 9 Panels = 24ft x 12ft - (Height = 3ft) = $1,350



We offer a wide arrange of professional light shows using: Chauvet 355 Spots, Chauvet 350 Beams, Chauvet Trios & LED Up lighting which can all be synced together for color themes and programmed light shows. We can match any color scheme you might have for your event or special day. If you have an event with a speaker we can setup spotlights to illuminate your presenter. Our up lighting can be placed inside trussing, under tables, lighting up displays or lighting up the walls around the venue.

special fx.jpg

Cold Sparks

Elevate your event with the mesmerizing allure of Cold Sparks, an enchanting addition to our DJ company's arsenal. These pyrotechnic marvels offer a dazzling display of sparks without the heat, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle. Perfect for grand entrances, dance floor highlights, or synchronized moments with the music, Cold Sparks add a touch of magic to any celebration.

Picture your guests being captivated by the radiant sparks shooting upwards, creating an ethereal ambiance. The sparks, cold to the touch, make them safe for indoor and outdoor use, ensuring a worry-free experience for everyone. Make your event truly unforgettable as the Cold Sparks shower sparks in perfect harmony with the beats, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend.


CO2 Blaster

Take the energy of your event to new heights with the dynamic impact of CO2 Blasters. These state-of-the-art devices release bursts of cool, fog-like plumes, creating an electrifying atmosphere that amplifies the music's intensity. Whether it's a pulsating dance floor or an outdoor festival, our CO2 Blasters deliver a sensory experience that will leave your guests exhilarated.

Imagine the dance floor engulfed in a refreshing mist as the CO2 Blasters sync with the beats, enhancing the overall ambiance. The plumes are safe, non-toxic, and visually striking, making them a perfect complement to any music genre or event theme. Our professional team handles the setup and synchronization, ensuring a seamless integration that adds a wow factor to your event.

CO2 Blaster

Confetti Cannon

Transform your celebration into a confetti-filled extravaganza with our dynamic Confetti Cannons. These devices are designed to release a cascade of colorful confetti, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whether it's a milestone celebration, a wedding reception, or a corporate event, our Confetti Cannons add a burst of joy and excitement to every occasion.

Imagine the sheer delight on your guests' faces as vibrant confetti rains down, creating an atmosphere of celebration and happiness. The cannons are customizable to match your event's color scheme or theme, providing a personalized touch. Our professional team ensures a seamless and coordinated release, synchronizing the confetti bursts with the music's crescendos for an immersive experience that will be talked about long after the event ends.

Confetti Canon

Dancing in the

Create an enchanting and mystical atmosphere with our Low Laying Fog Machine, a theatrical upgrade that adds a touch of magic to your event. This innovative machine produces a thick, ground-hugging fog that adds depth and drama to the dance floor, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your celebration.

Imagine the dance floor transformed into a dreamlike setting as the low-lying fog swirls around the feet of your guests. The fog is safe, non-toxic, and disperses evenly, creating an ethereal ambiance that complements various music genres and event themes. Our professional team ensures precise control and coordination, guaranteeing a seamless integration of this atmospheric enhancement.


Silent Disco Headphones

Revolutionize the way your guests experience music with our Silent Disco Headphones, a trendsetting upgrade that allows for a personalized and immersive audio experience. Instead of traditional speakers, attendees wear wireless headphones, creating a silent yet energetic dance party.

Picture the dance floor buzzing with energy as guests groove to the beat, each immersed in their musical world. Silent Disco Headphones offer multiple channels, allowing for different music genres to be played simultaneously, catering to diverse tastes within the same space. This innovative technology not only provides an unforgettable experience but also allows for a noise-controlled environment, making it an ideal choice for events with noise restrictions or multiple concurrent activities.


Giant LED Robot

Introducing our show-stopping Giant LED Dancing Robot on Stilts, a spectacle that brings futuristic entertainment to your event. Towering above the crowd, this larger-than-life robot combines dazzling LED lights with synchronized dance moves, creating a mesmerizing performance that captivates audiences of all ages.

Picture the excitement as the Giant LED Dancing Robot makes a grand entrance, lights pulsating to the beat of the music. The robot's dynamic movements and interactive features engage the crowd, making it an unforgettable focal point for your event. This futuristic marvel is perfect for corporate events, festivals, and high-energy parties, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses its electrifying performance.

LED Robot

LED Dance Floor

Step onto the dance floor of the future with our LED Light Up Dance Floor, a dazzling upgrade that adds a vibrant and dynamic element to your event. This interactive dance floor is embedded with LED lights that respond to the music's rhythm, creating an immersive experience that turns every step into a mesmerizing dance move.

Imagine your guests dancing on a floor that pulses with light, enhancing the energy and excitement of the event. The LED Light Up Dance Floor is fully customizable, allowing you to choose colors, patterns, and effects that match your event's theme. Elevate the dance floor experience and make it a focal point of the celebration with this innovative and visually stunning addition.

8ft x 8ft
16 Dancing Guests
Starting at $640

12ft x 12ft
36 Dancing Guests
Starting at $1,296

16ft x 16ft
64 Dancing Guests
Starting at $2,048

20ft x 20ft
100 Dancing Guests
Starting at $2,800

LED Dance Floor

LED Wall

Immerse your audience in a visual feast with our LED Video Wall, a cutting-edge addition to our DJ company's lineup. This expansive display transforms your event into a multimedia experience, showcasing high-quality visuals, graphics, and dynamic content that sync seamlessly with the music.

Imagine the impact of a visually stunning backdrop or a live feed of the dance floor displayed in real-time. The LED Video Wall provides endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to incorporate branding, event themes, or even live social media feeds. With crystal-clear resolution and vibrant colors, this technological marvel enhances the overall atmosphere, creating an unforgettable visual journey for your guests.

LED Wall

LED Foam Sticks

Ignite the crowd and enhance the party atmosphere with our LED Foam Sticks, a must-have accessory for any event. These vibrant sticks are not only great for audience engagement but also add a dynamic visual element to the dance floor. As your guests wave these illuminated sticks in unison, the energy of the event reaches new heights.

Imagine the immersive experience as the LED Foam Sticks synchronize with the music, creating a sea of pulsating lights throughout the crowd. These sticks are customizable in color and can be branded with logos or event details, providing a unique and memorable keepsake for attendees. Elevate the overall ambiance and engagement level of your event with this simple yet impactful addition.

LED Sticks
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